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Find your November haven with our guide to Europe’s warmest spots, offering a respite from the autumn chill with their inviting climates and charming locales.

If putting the heating on and watching your energy bill go up is getting you down, why not prolong the good weather with a trip during November?

There are a handful of delightful hidden corners of Europe where summer warmth clings on while you have to wrap up warm.

So, pack your sunscreen and beachwear – you’re about to take a virtual tour of where to find hot weather in Europe in November.

Discover sun-soaked islands of Spain and Portugal, the soothing waves off Italian shores, freshly-picked Maltese strawberries… These destinations offer a perfect haven to escape the November chill, so read on to chase the European sun.

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In November, there are several hot destinations in Europe with warm weather. The Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura, have the highest average daily temperatures ranging from 24°C to 25°C. Madeira in Portugal also offers warm weather with an average high of 22°C. Other hot destinations in Europe during November include Malta, Cyprus, and Sicily, with average temperatures around 21°C to 23°C.

where is hot in Europe in november

Top Hotspots in Europe in November

November may signal the approaching winter in many parts of Europe, but there are still some destinations where you can find hot weather and enjoy a sunny getaway.

Rather than searching for the weather stats in each location, I’ve done the research for you and hand-picked the best destinations for pleasant weather during November.

November can still be very bright and the UV index quite high in the below destinations, so you should make sure to pack a high SPF sunscreen. Remember, you don’t tan because it’s hot, you tan because it’s bright.

Canary Islands: Endless Summer

The Canaries are a popular choice for excellent year-round weather, and are also a perfect choice for hot weather in November.

Similar to a cool British summer, daytime maximum temperatures hover around 21°C, with comfortable sea temperatures of 22°C. You’ll get about six hours of sunshine each day, and only a few days of rain.

Imagine basking on sun-kissed sandy beaches as gentle waves lull you into relaxation while palm trees sway overhead against a bright blue sky. Meanwhile, the weather is cool enough to comfortably experience outdoor activities such as hiking, and exploring volcanic landscapes.

The most popular destinations within the Canary Islands include Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote, but La Palma is also one we think you should not miss.

Each island offers its unique charm and attractions that cater to various interests. From bustling resorts like Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria and Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote to tranquil getaways like La Gomera and Playa Blanca, there is something for everyone.

  • The Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura, boast the highest average daily temperatures in November, between 24 °C and 25°C.

Enjoying Mild Mediterranean: Malta and Cyprus

The delightful Mediterranean islands of Malta and Cyprus are two of our favourites. Mild climates, stunning coastal landscapes, and mouth-watering foods are what you’ll experience with these perfect retreats for sunshine during this time.

In November, Malta experiences daytime temperatures around 20°C (68°F), with an average of six hours of sunshine daily. The minimum nighttime temperature hovers around 14°C (57°F), providing comfortable evenings for exploring charming towns or dining al fresco at local restaurants.

The sea temperature is also pleasant, reaching around 21°C (70°F), making it tempting to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters.

Similarly, Cyprus embraces travellers with its inviting Mediterranean climate in November. This island offers an average daytime temperature range of 19-23°C (66-73°F); more than comfortable enough to explore its rich history, picturesque villages, and beautiful beaches.

Our prior visit to Cyprus was during the first week of November, and while it was clear that it was the end of the season (with many hotels and shops closing for the winter), there is more than enough to see and do, with almost no competition from other tourists.

If you choose Malta or Cyprus as your November getaway, both islands promise a break from colder climates and offer abundant cultural, historical, and natural attractions to explore.

Southern Comfort: Sicily and Portugal’s Madeira

For southern European warmth in November, two sought-after destinations are Sicily in Italy and Madeira in Portugal.

These regions provide a delightful balance between pleasant weather and a quieter atmosphere due to being outside the peak summer season.

Sicily experiences milder temperatures in November, ranging from 15°C (59°F) to 19°C (66°F). While it’s a little cooler than other destinations in this list, it’s still ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or exploring archaeological sites without scorching heat. However, it may be a bit too cold to swim in the sea.

Coastal areas tend to be slightly warmer compared to interior regions, so visiting places like Taormina or Syracuse allows you to enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate at its best.

Similarly, Madeira, a Portuguese island off the coast of Northwest Africa, offers mild and comfortable weather in November.

With an average daily temperature of 18-22°C (64-72°F), this stunning destination allows you to explore its lush botanical gardens, picturesque villages, and breathtaking cliffs without the crowds often accompanying the peak summer season.

Both Sicily and Madeira present an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in local cultures, indulge in delicious cuisine, and rejuvenate in serene natural settings while enjoying the comforting warmth these locations provide during November.

  • Madeira, a beautiful island belonging to Portugal, maintains an average high temperature of 22°C during November.

Factors to Consider when Travelling in November

We’ve travelled many times during November, and found that both the cost of travel and the weather are the two biggest factors to consider this month.

November is the tail-end of the season, and in some destinations they may have long closed-up for the winter. This means fewer tourists and less to do, but our experience tells us that there’s deals to be had and still enough to see and explore to make a trip worthwhile.

Climate and Travel Comfort

A destination’s climate and weather conditions play a significant role in determining travel comfort during November. Researching and considering the average temperatures, rainfall, and other climatic factors is crucial before finalising your travel plans.

During November you’ll see more clouds, more rain, shorter days and chillier nights. The daytime in many of the destinations I’ve mentioned is still more than comfortable enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt for us Brits, but you’ll want to bring something warmer for the evening.

While the weather will be worse than during the peak of the season, it will still be pleasant, and these destinations shouldn’t experience more than a few days of rain during the month.

The weather should be cool enough that you can perform any outdoor activity without getting uncomfortably hot, but you may want to be selective about swimming. Watch out for the hottest days and swim during 1-4pm for the warmest waters.

Pricing and Off-season Advantages

As mentioned earlier, the off-season is characterised by reduced tourism, allowing for a more authentic and less crowded travel experience.

This means shorter lines at popular attractions and the opportunity to interact with locals who are no longer overwhelmed by tourists.

Hotels are easier to book, public transit options are more accessible, and plenty of local guides and companies are available for sightseeing tours.

In addition to the benefits of a less crowded experience, travelling during the off-season can also save you money.

Flights, accommodations, and guided tours tend to be more affordable compared to the peak season. Many airlines and travel companies offer reduced prices and deals to entice travellers during this time. Discounted prices make it an opportune time to explore Europe without breaking the bank.

How to Maximise Your November Europe Trip

Careful planning and consideration are key to making the most of your November European trip. Here are some tips on how to maximise your experience:

  1. Research Weather Patterns: Weather patterns can vary across different regions in Europe, so it’s important to research specific destinations before booking. While some areas may offer mild and pleasant weather in November, others might already be experiencing colder temperatures or even early winter conditions. Understanding the expected weather will help you pack appropriately and plan your activities accordingly.
  2. Embrace Autumn Charm: One of the unique experiences of travelling in November is witnessing the changing colours of autumn landscapes. Enjoy this picturesque season by exploring parks, gardens, and countryside areas known for their autumn foliage. The vibrant colours will create a stunning backdrop for your adventures and memorable moments.
  3. Attend Festivals and Events: November is also a time for various European festivals and events. From harvest festivals in wine-producing regions to cultural celebrations and food fairs, there’s an abundance of opportunities to immerse yourself in local traditions and experience the vibrant atmosphere. You can go ahead and research the festivals in your chosen destinations and plan your itinerary accordingly.
  4. Visit Indoor Attractions: While outdoor activities are still possible in November, it’s wise to have a backup plan for inclement weather. Europe is renowned for its museums, galleries, historic sites, and indoor attractions, making it easy to explore cultural treasures while taking shelter from the elements. You can research indoor attractions that align with your interests and have a list of options ready in case of rainy or cold days.
  5. Experience Local Cuisine: A trip to Europe wouldn’t be complete without indulging in delicious regional cuisine. Use your November visit to savour hearty dishes and seasonal specialities unique to the region you’re visiting. Warm up with comforting soups, stews, and traditional desserts that are popular during this time of year.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your November trip to Europe, embracing the advantages of off-season travel while enjoying a range of unique experiences specific to this time of year.

What are the average temperatures in popular European destinations in November?

In popular European destinations, the average temperatures in November vary between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. However, it’s worth noting that some Mediterranean islands like Cyprus and Malta still experience pleasantly warm temperatures in the range of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius during this time. So, if you’re seeking hot weather while others bundle up for winter, these sunny island getaways are your best bet in Europe in November.

How crowded are these hot destinations during November?

The hot destinations in Europe during November tend to be less crowded than the peak summer months. While some popular Mediterranean destinations may still attract a moderate number of tourists, the overall crowds are significantly reduced during this time of the year. This is especially true for beach resorts and tourist hotspots where the summer season has already ended. Statistics show that tourist arrivals in November are generally lower than in the preceding months, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Are there any specific events or festivals happening in these hot destinations during that month?

Yes, several events and festivals are happening in hot European destinations during November. For example, Tenerife, the Canary Islands, celebrates the Festival of San Andrés with traditional wine rituals and lively street parties. In Malta, the Mdina Grand Prix showcases vintage cars racing through the historic streets of Mdina. The Algarve region in Portugal also hosts the International Sand Sculpture Festival where talented artists create intricate sand sculptures. These events add cultural richness to your trip and provide memorable experiences amidst the warm weather.

Are there any specific countries or regions known for their warm weather during that time of year?

Yes, several countries and regions in Europe are known for their warm weather in November. The Canary Islands, located off the coast of Africa, enjoy year-round sunshine with average temperatures ranging from 21°C to 25°C. Southern Spain, particularly the Costa del Sol and Andalusia, also experience mild temperatures in November, averaging around 20°C. Additionally, Cyprus benefits from a Mediterranean climate in November, with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 23°C. These destinations offer great options for those seeking hot weather during that time of year.

What are some recommended activities or attractions in the hot destinations of Europe in November?

Some recommended activities in hot destinations of Europe in November include exploring the beautiful beaches of the Canary Islands, such as Gran Canaria or Tenerife, where temperatures remain pleasantly warm around 23-25°C (73-77°F). These islands offer opportunities for water sports like snorkelling and surfing. Another option is visiting the historic city of Seville in southern Spain, known for its vibrant culture and mild November temperatures of around 18-22°C (64-72°F). Visitors can participate in traditional festivals and enjoy delicious tapas while roaming the charming streets.

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