Tigaki Travel Guide for 2024

Written by James
 Last updated: February 10, 2024

Tigaki Travel Guide, Kos, Greece

Also known as 'Tingaki', it's a fantastic location in the north of the beautiful Greek island of Kos.

Known for its stunning beaches and friendly locals, this is an excellent destination for a Greek getaway.

You'll find breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, quaint restaurants, and colourful shops here. Local culture is influenced by the long-standing history of the region, and its Mediterranean climate is perfect for beach-goers.

Tingaki offers a unique experience that will make your travels even more memorable.

A short history of Tingaki

Tingaki has been inhabited since prehistoric times, evidenced by archaeological findings of Paleolithic and Neolithic artefacts.

The area was the site of various settlements and a dynamic trading port throughout the ancient and medieval ages.

In modern times the area was used as a rest stop for merchants travelling in the region. In the 20th century became a popular destination for Greeks and international tourists.

Where to go

Golden Beach: This picturesque stretch of white sand beach is perfect for sun-seekers and beach-goers. Enjoy swimming and lazing in the sun, or grab a bite from one of the seafront restaurants.

Lido Waterpark: Get your adrenaline pumping with a visit to this fun and exciting waterpark. There's something for everyone, with rides for all ages, ranging from relaxing river rides to thrilling water slides.

Ktima Akrani Winery:  Just five minutes in-land, this scenic vineyard offers tours of their fields and private wine-tasting of some of the islands most prized wines.

What to do

Take an island tour: Hop on an organised tour and discover the sparkling coastline, hidden beaches, and ancient ruins.

Hike through the mountains: For nature lovers and active holidaymakers, there are plenty of hikes to explore. Discover gorges, high plateaus, and sparkling waterfalls.

Visit the Hippocrates Tree: Visit this ancient plane tree, which stands in Kos old town and is said to be the tree of Hippocrates, the founder of medicine.

Marmari Go Kart Centre: Just a few minutes away you can race against your friends on the only racecourse on the island.

Explore Kos Town: Spend a day in the city and visit some of the area's historical sites. Take a stroll in the charming harbour and wander through the markets.

Local foods to try

Souvlaki: Ask for this juicy skewered meat and veggie dish in any taverna and enjoy the crispy flavours.

Greek Salad: This classic salad is a must-try. It's usually accompanied by feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicum.

Gyros: Enjoy the tender grilled pork or chicken served in a pita with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and onions.

Moussaka: This vegetable-based dish is the perfect side to any meal, made with layers of potatoes, eggplant, and minced meat.

Loukoumades: Savour this classic Greek dessert of fried dough balls dusted with sugar and cinnamon.

Souvenirs to buy

Ceramics: Pick up some traditional, hand-painted Greek ceramics from one of the local pottery shops.

Greek wines: Buy some delicious Greek wines for your home; many great wines are available at the local markets and souvenir shops.

Homemade jewellery: Check out the local markets and souvenir shops for handmade jewellery.

Olive oil products: Indulge in some of the quality olive oil products from local producers, for example, soaps, cosmetics, and creams.

Greek music: Support your local musicians and artists by buying a cd of some traditional Greek music.

Flights to Tigaki

Where to stay

Is Tingaki expensive?

Tingaki is affordable and is cheaper than other Greek islands. Prices are reasonable, and locals are always ready to help with advice and tips on where to find the best deals.

Helpful recommendations

Booking: Book your accommodation and other activities in advance to ensure you don't miss out.

ATM: Be aware of the hidden charges of withdrawing money and bring cash or get a travel card to avoid them.

Language: Most locals speak English, but brushing up on some basic Greek phrases is always a nice gesture and will help with communication. 

Transport: Buses run between Kos and Tingaki, but car hire is recommended for more freedom if you visit other locations. 

Sunscreen: Wear sun protection and take breaks from the sun throughout the day to avoid sunburn and heatstroke.

Tigaki Weather

Tigaki in Kos is a sun-soaked destination with the sunniest months being July and August. The warmest months are July and August, making them perfect for swimming with the sea temperature at its highest. However, the rainiest months are January and December, so pack an umbrella if you're visiting during these times.


13.9°C / 57°F

8 days rain


14.4°C / 57.9°F

6 days rain


15.3°C / 59.5°F

5 days rain


19.1°C / 66.4°F

4 days rain


23.2°C / 73.8°F

2 days rain


27.6°C / 81.7°F

0 days rain


28.6°C / 83.5°F

0 days rain


29.0°C / 84.2°F

0 days rain


26.4°C / 79.5°F

1 days rain


22.8°C / 73°F

3 days rain


19.4°C / 66.9°F

4 days rain


15.8°C / 60.4°F

7 days rain

Best time to visit Tigaki

The best time to visit Tigaki is during the summer months of June, July, and August when the weather is at its warmest and sunniest. These months are perfect for beach activities and swimming in the sea. However, if you prefer a quieter vacation with fewer tourists, the shoulder months of May and September are also a good choice with pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

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