Argostoli Travel Guide

Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece

Go because Argostoli is full of natural beauty, has a busy harbour and makes a great base for exploring Kefalonia

Must see the Drapano Footbridge connecting Argostoli with Drapano, offering up beautiful views of the harbour, sea and mountains

Stay at The "L" Suites & Apartments for their gorgeous swimming pool and great location

Get around by hire car

From the airport take a taxi from around €20

Spend moderately, Kefalonia is not the cheapest Greek island

Eat Gyros, delicious soft bread wraps filled with pork, Tzatziki and fries

Visit between June and September for warm and sunny weather

Why Argostoli?

Tucked away in a sheltered bay on the island of Kefalonia, Argostoli is the island’s beautiful capital. 

Argostoli has lots of life and is packed with little restaurants overlooking the mesmerising crystal blue sea. Walks along the harbour, boat trips, cave swimming, and exploring are all available here. 

Argostoli is the perfect romantic escape due to its stunning natural beauty and relaxing pace.

argostoli city aerial view

Go because

Reasons to love Argostoli

  • Breathtaking views
  • Interesting natural landmarks
  • Argostoli is a great hub for day trips
  • Excellent harbour for exploring by boat
    Romantic backdrops
  • Plenty of food options for every budget

Good to know

Argostoli travel tips

  • Kefalonia can be cooler than other Greek islands, so visit in the summer for the best temperatures
  • However, bear in mind it sometimes gets a little humid
  • Prices in Argostoli can be slightly more expensive than in other parts of the island, so hunt around for a good deal
  • Argostoli is well-connected, but hiring a car will help you explore the whole island 

Culture of Argostoli

Argostoli is a busy and more modern Greek town with plenty of bars and restaurants to play host to all different kinds of tourists.

The big star of this town is the beautiful views of pine-covered mountains behind the modern harbour hostings, yachts and cruise ships.

argostoli rooftops

Best places to visit in Argostoli

Argostoli Harbour

Argostoli harbour is full of fish; you may even spot a sea turtle! 

Take a romantic stroll around the harbour, take in some views and find your new favourite restaurant for dinner overlooking the bay.

You can reach it on foot from Argostoli. 

argostoli harbour

Drapano Footbridge (De Bosset)

Drapano Bridge is a bridge only for pedestrians and connects Argostoli to Drapano.

This unique town feature is a good spot for getting the perfect insta snap or taking in the romantic views of the mountainous pine forest-covered landscapes.

The Drapano bridge can be reached by foot from Argostoli. 

de bosset drapano bridge

Argostoli Sinkholes

The Sinkholes of Argostoli is a unique natural feature.

If you are interested in Geology, this is a must-see, but for others, it may be an interesting stop if you pass the area. The water can travel at 3m per second and flows underground to the Drogarati cave.

Take time to read the information boards at the site to truly understand the phenomenon. The sinkholes are located a 7-minute drive from Argostoli.

kathavothres sinkholes

Melissani Cave

Further away from Argostoli but definitely worth the trip is the Melissani Cave.

You can take a private guided trip or join one of the regular boat tours into the cave, where you can see the sun peering in through the roof of the cave and illuminating parts of the water.

The best time to visit is around midday when the sun shines brightest to light up the water.

The cave is relatively small and very popular, so visiting in early autumn is best to avoid the crowds. It takes around 40 minutes to drive from Argostoli by car or around an hour by bus via Sami. 

melissani cave

Best beaches in Argostoli

Avithos Beach

Avithos Beach

Avithos Beach is sandy and shallow, with clear waters and lifeguards, perfect for swimming.

The beach is relatively small but usually reasonably quiet.

Sun loungers and umbrellas are available, and a bar, music and Tavernas are nearby.

It takes around 20 minutes by car or 45 minutes by bus to reach the beach from Argostoli. 

Spasmata Beach

Spasmata Beach is a long sandy beach with clear water, umbrellas and loungers, kayaks to rent and some good food nearby.

This beach is unique as it is a sea turtle nesting location. So, ensure you don’t disturb nests, especially if taking children.

Still, if you’re fortunate, you may see a majestic sea turtle. 

The beach is a 15-minute drive from Argostoli or 40 minutes by bus.

You may find it helpful to set Tortuga beach bar as your destination if you are using navigation apps.

Best food & drink in Argostoli

olive lounge

Il Borgo

For dinner with a view, visit il Borgo. 

This restaurant offers relatively affordable greek food with a terrace overlooking the town. Make sure you check the time of sunset and make a reservation accordingly.

Olive Lounge

An alternative to Il Borgo just two minutes away, with a breathtaking view of the sea atop a mountain.

Make sure to book in advance, and try the tomahawk steak if you're feeling particularly hungry.  


Visit Ladokolla for the best Gyros in town. 

This budget restaurant serves up tasty, simple food at a great price.

Phaedra Restaurant

For high-quality, authentic local dishes, try Phaedra Restaurant. 

They offer some of the best Moussaka around; we also recommend trying their Dolmades and fresh fish options.

Il Borgo

Il Borgo

olive lounge2

Olive Lounge

Flights to Argostoli

Best hotels and accommodation in Argostoli


Galaxy Hotel

Galaxy Hotel offers some of the best prices within a 30-minute walk to the centre of Argostoli.

This hotel has all the expected amenities like WiFi and AC, a swimming pool, a bar and car parking.


Mouikis Hotel

This hotel is in the centre of town, next to the sea.

This hotel offers good rooms with AC, a rooftop bar with a hot tub, a small gym and spa services. 


The "L" Suites

This hotel offers stunning views of the bay and is only a ten-minute walk to Argostoli.

This hotel offers a tranquil pool area, is adults-only and is close to some of the island’s best beaches.


Canale Hotel & Suites

For a great hotel with a designer feel, Canale Hotel & Suites offers sleek rooms with hot tubs overlooking the bay.

This hotel provides all the standard amenities and a bar, restaurant, spa and swimming pool, right in the centre of town. 

Is Argostoli expensive?

As the capital, Argostoli is one of the more expensive areas on the island and slightly more expensive than other Greek islands.

Hotels, taxis and high-end restaurants are more expensive than most places in Greece, and prices are moderate by European standards. 

There are still deals if you shop around and plan your trip well.


Price Range

Meal at budget restaurant


3 course mid-range meal for 2 


Bottle of water




Local beer


Bottle of mid-range wine 


One-way transport ticket 


Taxi per 1km


1 litre Petrol/Gas


Nearby locations

Sami Kefalonia


Sami is a charming little coastal town that attracts locals and tourists for the great selection of restaurants and beautiful sea views.

Sami can be reached by bus from Argostoli in around an hour and takes 35 minutes by car.

From Sami, you can take boat rides into the spectacular natural Melissani Cave.

Poros Kefalonia


For an affordable and quieter town with fewer tourists and popular with Greeks, you may like Poros.

It has a lovely beach and a few good quality restaurants, and also neighbours one of the main ports offering ferries to Athens and nearby islands. 

Poros is around an hour from Argostoli by car and slightly longer by bus.

Getting around

  • From the airport

  • Bus

  • Taxis

Getting to the city - how to get to Argostoli city centre from the Airport

A taxi is the easiest way to get from Kefalonia International Airport to Argostoli.

It will cost around €20 for the 15-minute trip.

Map of Argostoli

Argostoli Weather

Argostoli offers a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. The sunniest months are June and July, perfect for beach activities. If you're keen on swimming, the sea temperature peaks in July and August. However, November and December are the rainiest months.


13.4°C / 56°F

9 days rain


13.9°C / 57°F

8 days rain


15.0°C / 59°F

7 days rain


18.7°C / 66°F

6 days rain


23.2°C / 74°F

4 days rain


27.8°C / 82°F

2 days rain


29.7°C / 85°F

1 days rain


29.1°C / 84°F

2 days rain


26.6°C / 80°F

3 days rain


22.7°C / 73°F

7 days rain


19.1°C / 66°F

8 days rain


15.3°C / 60°F

8 days rain

Best time to visit Argostoli

The best time to visit Argostoli is from May to September when the weather is warm and the sea temperatures are ideal for swimming. These months offer a perfect blend of sunny days and minimal rainfall, making it an excellent destination for outdoor activities and beach relaxation.


See the most asked questions about Argostoli

Is Argostoli worth visiting?

Argostoli does not offer the traditional white and blue Greek island town that some may imagine; however, it does provide breathtaking views, plenty of food and drink options and some interesting geological sights. 

Does Argostoli have a beach?

Yes, there are plenty of beach options; Kalamia beach is the closest, with a bar and relaxed atmosphere.

Gradakia beach is excellent for swimming, and there are a few more attractive sandy beaches further down the coast.

what is argostoli in kefalonia like?

Argostoli is a busy harbour town with beautiful landscape views and a few cultural and historic landmarks.

Where is Argostoli airport?

The closest Airport to Argostoli is Kefalonia International Airport, which takes around 15 minutes by car.

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