Greece Packing List for 2024

Written by James, Last updated: January 22, 2024

What to pack for seven nights in Greece

It’s frustrating that almost every time I travel, I forget something.

It’s not a great way to start a holiday, and even worse on a trip to such a beautiful country where you want the sound of the wind and waves to whisk you away into deep relaxation.

This packing list for Greece will show you everything you should pack, whether you’re headed for Athens’ city life or the cool waters and mountainous backdrop of Corfu, and comes from my many years of not having a packing list myself.

So before you can enjoy all those holiday vibes, you need to pack.

This list will ensure you have everything you need for a hassle-free trip.


Travel Documents

Don’t overlook the essentials—your visa, passport, and ID should be at the top of your packing list.

  • Visa (if required)
  • Passport & ID
  • Copies of prescriptions & medicine names

Where to keep these: Using a travel backpack with hidden pockets, keep these on you at all times during your outbound and inbound journeys. Ideally, keep these important documents in a hidden pocket that keeps then against your back where they are easy to access if you need them but troublemakers can’t find them, or keep them in a locked compartment of your bag.

Itinerary Documents

Before you even set foot on Greek soil, make sure you’ve got all your travel documents in order. This includes your travel guide or map, car rental agreements, and all your tickets—flights, buses, and ferries.

  • Flight, bus, and ferry tickets
  •  Car rental documents
  •  Accommodation bookings
  •  Travel insurance documents
  •  Printed travel itinerary
  •  Travel guide or map

Where to keep these: You’ll need these on your person during outbound and inbound journeys, so keep them in your backpack, ideally in a locked compartment. I like to put them in order of which ones I’ll need to access first, as this means I don’t need to fumble around to find the right document on the spot.

Carry-On Essentials

Your carry-on is your survival kit in the air. Pack a zip-lock bag with travel-sized toiletries like toothpaste and deodorant. For those long-haul flights, earplugs or an eye mask will be your best friends. Don’t forget hand sanitiser, a neck pillow, and some riveting reads or a loaded Kindle to keep boredom at bay.

  •  Zip-lock bag for toiletries
  •  Toothbrush and toothpaste
  •  Deodorant
  •  Earplugs or eye mask
  •  Hand sanitiser
  •  Neck pillow (for long flights)
  •  Books, magazines, Kindle, or iPad/tablet for entertainment
  •  Medications and prescriptions
  •  Snacks and a refillable water bottle

Where to keep these: Ideally most of these will go in your backpack, but don’t need to be locked away. Try to place these in your bag in the order you’ll need them, with all of your liquids in a zip-lock bag right at the top for easy access during security checks. If you are struggling for space, neck pillows don’t need to be stored and can go around your neck for the whole trip, or can hang from a strap, while you can use a carrier bag for snacks, drinks and more through duty free.


Everyday Clothes

Greece is all about laid-back elegance. Pack 3 to 6 tops made of breathable materials like cotton or linen. Throw in 2-3 pairs of versatile shorts, a long-sleeved shirt for those cooler evenings, and a couple of summer dresses that make you feel like a Greek goddess.

  • 3 to 6 tops (light materials like cotton or linen)
  •  2-3 pairs of shorts
  •  1-2 long-sleeved shirts
  •  Casual trousers or capris
  •  1-2 summer dresses
  •  2 swimsuits
  •  Beach cover-up
  •  Underwear and summer socks
  •  Pajamas or nightgown

How to pack these: There are a few different packing techniques around, but for tight packing situations, I find these very effective: either rolling clothes up individually (and tightly) or laying all clothes on top of each other and then tightly folding them.

Other Practical Clothing Items

Be Weather-Wise: While Greece is famous for its sunshine, it’s always smart to be prepared for a sudden downpour. A light raincoat or waterproof jacket, high-UV protection sunglasses, and a stylish yet functional hat should all make it into your suitcase.

  • Light raincoat or waterproof jacket (just in case)
  •  Sunglasses with high UV protection
  •  Hat or cap for sun protection

How to pack these: While the coat or jacket can be stored in your suitcase, it’s best to check the weather first. Greece has excellent weather year-round so, in most situations, you won’t need a coat, but our trip to Corfu in 2023 and our trip to Crete in 2022 saw us drenched with 5 days of rain on each trip. Stepping off the plane, you’ll probably be fine.

For hats and sunglasses, it’s best to wear these during your journey instead of packing them, to prevent damage.


Your feet will carry you from ancient ruins to sandy beaches, so treat them well. Pack flip-flops for the beach, sturdy hiking sandals for scenic treks, and chic flat sandals for romantic sunset dinners.

  •  Flip-flops for the beach
  •  Hiking sandals or running shoes
  •  Comfortable flat sandals for evenings
  •  Light trainers/sneakers for daytime walking

How to pack these: It’s best to wear lighter shoes that are built for walking during your outbound and inbound journeys, and for the rest of the footwear, less-easily-creased shoes can go at the bottom of your suitcase where they can help protect more sensitive items from bumps, while others can be placed in the middle and cushioned by other clothes.


Even Greek gods took care of their skin. High-protection sunscreen, soothing after-sun lotion, and protective lip balm are necessary. If you have specific hair care needs, bring your favourite products to combat the effects of sun, sea, and wind.

  •  High-protection sunscreen
  •  After-sun lotion
  •  Protective lip balm
  •  Hair-specific products for the beach
  •  Make-up & face cosmetics
  •  Deodorant
  •  Hairbrush
  •  Tweezers & nail clippers
  •  Washcloth
  •  Feminine products

How to pack these: While most toiletries can go in your hold luggage, to keep you comfortable during your outbound and inbound journeys I’d recommend to pack your backpack with sunscreen, lip balm, deodorant and if applicable, feminine products, at the least. 

Toiletries NOT to Bring

Save space in your luggage by skipping items like hairdryers and shampoos, usually provided by hotels or easily purchased locally.

  • Hairdryer (check with your hotel)
  •  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion (all hotels offer these for free)


While you can easily find essential medicines in Greece, it’s always better to bring prescribed medications and any specific allergy medication you might need. Seasickness pills are also a good idea if you plan to island-hop.

  • Prescribed medications
  •  Allergy medication
  •  Pills for seasickness

How to pack these: Keep these in your backpack or cabin luggage, because you never know if or when you’ll need them.


In today’s digital age, going without gadgets can be unthinkable. Your phone, charger and extra cords are non-negotiable. Consider a waterproof phone pouch for beach days and a portable power bank to keep your devices charged on the go.

  •  Phone, charger & extra cords
  •  Waterproof phone pouch
  •  Plug/voltage adapter
  •  Portable power bank

Optional Electronics

If you’re the type who loves capturing every moment, don’t forget your camera gear. For those planning to drive, a Bluetooth headset will help you stay connected safely.

  •  Bluetooth headset
  •  Earbuds
  •  Laptop or tablet
  •  Extra memory cards & stabiliser
  •  Additional camera gear

How to pack these: Consider which electronics you will need during your flight or at the airport, and ensure those items are in your cabin / hand luggage. Items with batteries must also go in your hand luggage. Cables and plug adapters should also be easily accessible in your hand luggage.

For The Beach

Ah, the Greek beaches—a haven of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Pack a comfortable beach bag, goggles, snorkelling set, and quick-drying microfibre towel. A sarong can double as a beach blanket and a stylish cover-up.

  •  Comfortable beach bag
  •  Goggles or snorkeling set
  •  Microfibre beach towel
  •  Sarong or light cotton blanket

How to pack these: Towels, blankets and bags are great to add a layer of padding to your suitcase, protecting other items from bumps. A snorkeling set might need to be packed near the middle of your suitcase to minimise any risk of damage.

To Go Out At Night

Whether it’s a casual taverna or a swanky bar in Mykonos, Greek nights have their own magic. Ladies, pack an elegant dress or a chic blouse with trousers. Gentlemen, a nice pair of Bermudas and a light T-shirt will do the trick.

  •  Evening dress or blouse with nice trousers (for women)
  •  Nice pair of Bermudas and a light T-shirt (for men)
  •  Comfortable yet fancy clothes for kids

For Hiking

Conquer the Terrain: Believe it or not, Greece is a hiker’s paradise. From Crete’s rugged landscapes to Meteora’s monasteries, there’s a lot to explore. Pack comfortable walking shoes, a sun hat, a hiking backpack, a collapsible water bottle, and salty snacks.

  •  Comfortable walking shoes
  •  Sun hat
  •  Hiking backpack
  •  Collapsible water bottle
  •  Hiking socks
  •  Salty snacks
  •  Hiking pants and shirts
  •  Walking sticks


This extensive packing list should cover all your needs for a 7-day trip to Greece.

You’ll be well-prepared for your Greek adventure, from the essentials to the extras.

But, maybe this list didn’t include everything it needed to, and you might have some suggestions of what else it should cover. Comment below to tell me what I’ve missed and I’ll get it included in the list right away.

Safe travels!



Agia Marina