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Uncover the most cost-effective hotel booking websites through our analysis, ensuring you get the best deals for your accommodation without compromising on quality or convenience.

Navigating the digital sea of hotel booking platforms can be daunting, especially when hunting for the best deals.

Which sites genuinely offer the best deals? We’ve conducted several investigations to end this confusion, bringing the most economical options to light.

Our research involved multiple studies across numerous popular hotel booking platforms, revealing the cheapest options available. We employed an array of case studies, including the picturesque Corfu Town in Greece, to offer a comprehensive view of the online hotel booking landscape.

This condensed guide provides vital insights into the most cost-effective hotel booking websites. Whether you’re a budget-savvy traveller or simply seeking the best price for luxury, our findings will arm you with the knowledge to secure the best deals.

Join us as we delve into the data, simplifying your path to the most affordable and rewarding travel booking experiences.

Key findings – the cheapest sites to book hotels

Our study indicates a significant price variation across different websites when booking an international hotel in a location such as Corfu Town, Greece.

We compared prices for a seven night stay within 15km of Corfu Town, for two adult guests. The cheapest accommodation was chosen, regardless of if it were a hotel, hostel or something else.

Based on the collected data, these are the top five cheapest websites for accomodation booking:

  1. (£146.24) takes the top spot with the lowest price. It provides secret travel deals with discounts of up to 60%, which could be crucial for those looking for the most affordable rates.
  2.  Kayak (£147) ranks second in terms of affordability. As a travel metasearch engine, it compares fares and provides bookings, which is possibly why it offers competitive rates.
  3.  Hotwire (£148.04) comes third, offering discount travel accommodations. Their competitive pricing could be linked to their ability to provide last-minute deals and discounts.
  4.  EaseMyTrip (£149.47), an Indian online travel company, follows closely, making it the fourth cheapest option for hotel booking.
  5.  Traveloka (£112.07), a Southeast Asian online travel company, holds fifth place. Traveloka provides a wide range of travel needs on one platform, making it convenient and competitive in pricing.

At the other end of the spectrum, some of the most expensive sites for this specific case study include (£724), Hotellook (£721.87), and Novotel (£2262). This could be attributed to the types of accommodations these sites specialize in, with some focusing more on luxury stays.

Notably, various hotel chain websites, like Best Western Hotels, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Hilton Hotels, showed no availability for the specified time. Hence, their rates could not be compared. Similarly, some Indian and UK-based hotel booking sites like, MakeMyTrip, Britannia Hotels, Premier Inn, and HotelREZ did not have international hotels or were not applicable for the comparison.

Interestingly, despite being significant players in the hotel booking industry, some sites, including,, Orbitz, and Travelocity, did not feature in the top five cheapest options. Still, their prices were competitive, hovering around £169.

The data suggests that prices vary significantly between different booking websites, and consumers could save considerably by comparing prices across different platforms before booking their stay.

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